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Demographic Study

Demographic Study

A long term vision for the future allows Selsey, East Wittering & Bracklesham, and West Wittering to develop as attractive areas for existing businesses, and to flourish as new business start-up centres outside the city of Chichester.

There is a need to identify current demographic trends to inform recommendations for economic development in all business sectors on the peninsula. This will enable businesses and local authorities to make better judgements about the management necessary for sustaining the local economy and business environment.

The demographic study for the sites on the Manhood Peninsula was commissioned by Selsey Town Council through the Coastal Community Teams project. The demographic study produced statistics on demographics and employment development in Selsey and East Wittering & Bracklesham. The research and recommendations will benefit local businesses including those involved with tourism, and aims to do at the following:

  • Investigate the quality of employment opportunities, education & training locally.
  • Investigate the impacts of seasonality and how this links to issues creating barriers to work such as transport, childcare, accessibility of the workplace and skills.
  • Establish the current and likely population trends in Selsey and East Wittering/Bracklesham.
  • Establish the current visitor profile

The work was undertaken by CACI using the Acorn classification tool. Selsey Town Council will produce a summary document tailoring the statistics produced by CACI to their local needs.

Follow the links below to download the documents that make up the Demographic Report:

1. Demographic Study - project summary

2. Population Report - Selsey

3. Population Report - East Wittering & Bracklesham

4. Population Report - West Wittering

5. Selsey Holiday Park Visitors