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Coastal Economic Plan

Coastal Economic Plan
Photo copyright Rik Wright

The Peninsula Coastal Economy Team (PCET), one of 116 new national Coastal Community Teams, has produced an Economic Plan looking at projects that will benefit the economy of the Manhood Peninsula, and encourage the sustainable economic development of the peninsula.

The Manhood Peninsula is a great place for business and supports a wide range of thriving businesses, most importantly: tourism; leisure; agriculture and horticulture; and manufacturing. The marine environment fosters diverse economic activities including commercial fishing, angling and water sports. Renewable energy generation is increasingly regarded as having economic potential on the peninsula. There is a small ‘office and commercial’ market and significant self-employment.  The interests of each sector must be balanced with the need to protect the special environmental qualities and distinctive character of the peninsula.

Key benefits of sustainable economic development

Enhancing the amount, range and types of economic activity and employment on the peninsula will have significant benefits:

  • creating more robust, sustainable communities
  • creating more diverse, more balanced communities with more young people and young families
  • providing local job opportunities that allow for more flexible patterns of work and improved work: life balances
  • providing jobs attractive to young people to enable them to stay in the area rather than having to leave in search of employment/better employment
  • reducing the need for commuting

Follow this link to download the Peninsula Coastal Economy Team Economic Plan