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Drainage & Flood Risk

Drainage & Flood Risk
Photo copyright Rik Wright

Drainage and flood risk are increasing problems on the Manhood Peninsula which may worsen considerably with climate change. For local advice see the Chichester District Council web pages for Drainage - Help and Advice.

The Manhood Peninsula Partnership (MPP) commissioned a drainage survey of the peninsula from Royal Haskoning DHV during the ESPACE Project in 2006 (see link below) and is working closely with local parishes to improve drainage knowledge of the area and help local authorities and residents better monitor and manage the situation. For example, working with MPP, residents of Birdham parish will spend a winter monitoring drainage problems in the area with a view to producing maps to help highlight troublesome areas and investigate whether solutions can be found to alleviate some of the problems affecting the parish.

Follow this link to the 2006 Haskoning report: Manhood Peninsula - Land Drainage Study Phase 3

Flood risk management is a key consideration locally and nationally. Additional information is available from the Flood Risk Links section of the website.