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Hunston is a small, semi-rural village found in the northern part of the Manhood Peninsula, but still a couple of kilometers (1.5 miles) south of Chichester city centre. There are few houses to be found here allowing a true village atmosphere to be retained.

The village is home to Hunston Manor, a moated manor house dating from c1670 parts of which are thought to be medieval including the moat itself. The modern village centre is only a few hundred metres away and retains a traditional village atmosphere thanks to the small shops that thrive here.

Hunston was a stopping place for the Selsey Tram, and is still connected to Chichester via the Chichester Ship Canal. The canal towpath provides a the opportunity for a gentle walk or cycle ride into the city centre, accompanied by the local ducks and swans for whom the canal is home.

More information about Hunston can be found on the local website.