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2016 Selsey Harbour Preliminary Consultation Document

2016 Selsey Harbour Preliminary Consultation Document

The Selsey Harbour (Selsey Haven) Preliminary Consultation document reviews technical and environmental matters that will have an impact on planning permission and associated licences necessary to build a small harbour or haven near East Beach Green, Selsey and identifies the most favourable option from the perspective of the planning and environmental regulators.

Three options are presented, though it is ESSENTIAL to acknowledge that NONE can be viewed as a final solution until further technical, environmental and economic assessments have been undertaken.

A technical workshop for regulators and key stakeholders was held on the 3rd December 2015. This was an essential step during which representatives from the regulatory bodies were able to discuss the merits and acceptability of the suggested locations from the regulators’ perspective. Representation was made by: Environment Agency; Natural England, Chichester DC Planning; Chichester and Arun DC Coastal & Land Drainage Engineers; Crown Estate; Marine Management Organisation; Selsey Fishermen’s Association; Selsey Town Council; Manhood Peninsula Partnership; Coastal West Sussex Partnership.

This document has been informed by the conclusions drawn from the workshop, which focused on 3 key areas in the following order of priority:

1. Issues that relate to obtaining the necessary permissions and licenses.
2. Issues that relate to the viable function and operation of the harbour.
3. Issues that relate to the viable construction and maintenance of the harbour.

Of the 15 or so topics considered in the workshop, coastal processes, and in particular sediment transport, were found to be by far the most critical, especially with respect to safeguarding Pagham Harbour. They will also be essential  considerations when seeking the necessary permissions and licenses should the scheme go ahead.

Follow this link to download the Selsey Haven Preliminary Consultation Report