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The Manhood Peninsula is an incredible area with a wealth of wildlife, featuring plant and animal habitats of global rarity. The peninsula has areas that are surrounded by ‘Sites of Special Scientific Interest’ (SSSI) at Bracklesham Bay, Chichester Harbour and Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve. Many of these sites are internationally important for nature conservation, harbouring a diverse range of flora and fauna.

It is a strong hold for Britain’s most endangered mammal the water vole Arvicola terrestris, which is a semi-aquatic mammal that lives on rivers, canals, ditches, streams and ponds. A number of Common Seals Phoca vitulina also known as harbour seals often visit Chichester Harbour. This is the only known rookery in the Eastern English Channel and so is considered regionally unique and therefore very important.

The peninsula has large areas of important and rare habitats from saltmarsh and mudflats to vegetated shingle. Vegetated shingle is a rare habitat and some of the plants and animals found here are very restricted in their distribution. Nutrient levels are low and many plants have special adaptations to conserve water and prevent damage by salt spray, wind and shifting shingle.

The Manhood Wildlife & Heritage Group project is all about helping people celebrate and care for the places across the peninsula where wildlife can flourish. Finding out more about our wildlife builds a detailed picture of the natural environment and helps identify areas in need of special attention. Some places may be home to rare species, others could form a network of habitats managed for their wildlife value.

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