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Coastal Management

Coastal Management
Medmerry: copyright Gavin Holder

A large part of the Manhood Peninsula is less than 5m above sea level and at risk from flooding, both inland and coastal. It is likely that climate change will increase this risk, through rising sea levels, rising water tables and increased precipitation intensity. Drainage is an increasing problem on the peninsula as the existing ditches are proving inadequate to handle increased run-off resulting from recent development and heavier rainfall.

The Medmerry Managed Realignment scheme on the coast between Selsey and Bracklesham is now complete and although the Environment Agency still own the site, it is now managed by the RSPB. Sea water breached the existing shingle bank in September 2013 to create new salt-water and fresh-water habitat behind the Medmerry frontage, which is now evolving rapidly. Managed realignment was found to be the best option economically. Huge environmental advantages can be gained too by creating additional habitat for coastal and intertidal species.

Follow this link to find out more information about Medmerry from the RSPB.

Follow this link to find out more information about Medmerry from the Environment Agency

As 'Coast Protection Authority', Chichester District Council and its predecessor has carried out the protection of this stretch of coastline since the early 1950s. More information about coastal management can be found on Chichester District Council’s Coastal Management  web pages, and demonstrate how they plan the management of your coastline, what's happening along your coastal frontage and who to contact for help and advice.

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1950's Selsey sea defences

1950's Selsey sea defences

Sea defences have been required in the Manhood Peninsula for many years. A great deal of work was needed following a particularly bad storm in December 1951 which wrecked houses along the Selsey sea front, and led to their subsequent demolition. Following is a gallery of images courtesy of Royal Haskoning, the Coastal Engineering Consultant for Chichester District, showing the coastline and sea defences evolve... Continue Reading »



The RSPB's newest nature reserve at Medmerry offers long walks and cycle rides through an amazing new landscape only a stone's throw from Pagham Harbour, with new mudflats, tidal lagoons, saltmarsh, wildlife-friendly farmland, dragonfly-rich ditches and great views and sunsets. Situated on the Manhood Peninsula coast, south of Chichester, this is a ground breaking project and the first of its kind... Continue Reading »