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Coastal Change Grants Fund

Coastal Change Grants Fund
Photo copyright Rik Wright

The Coastal Change Grants Fund was a new grant fund made available by the Manhood Peninsula Partnership to residents and groups across the Manhood Peninsula in order to help them to address specific local issues and/or support local schemes and initiatives relating to the coast.

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The scheme funded applications for one-off projects or schemes that were coastal in flavour and reflected local priorities within the community. Projects had to demonstrate a relationship to the coast and coastal change, and achieve broad community level support.

There was a good response to the Coastal Change Grants Fund, and money was allocated to a diverse range of community projects across the Manhood Peninsula. Examples of the types of projects granted funding include a community study into sediment transport along Selsey West Beach, an archaeological field study of the Medmerry site before commencement of the proposed managed realignment scheme and intergenerational days out for school children and the elderly.