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2022 CHASM Event

2022 CHASM Event

The CHASM project recently hosted its first stakeholder network event, where speakers presented the complex backdrop of change that has coincided with reductions in the coastal crustacean fisheries around Selsey Bill, West Sussex.

Funded by the Faculty of Environment & Life Sciences at University of Southampton, the event took place on 14 June 2022 at Selsey Town Hall. The aim was to bring together stakeholders from around the Manhood Peninsula and from key organisations working in the marine sphere to learn more about the issues and research being undertaken locally.

Wide ranging presentations provided a background to the project and the myriad of potential stressors which might be influencing the wider habitat.  The project team presented the initial findings from studies into the local marine environment and a short film, while neighbouring organisations talked about the work they are doing further along the south coast.

Following the presentations we were delighted that a large number of delegates were able to join us on two Solar Boat trips into Chichester Harbour, where live demonstrations provided a hands-on experience of the sampling techniques being used.

The organisations who attended included Parish councils from the Manhood Peninsula, Selsey fishery, the Environment Agency, Southern Water, Sussex Wildlife Trust, Kent Wildlife Trust, Natural England, Bognor Regis Fishermen's Association, Sussex Dolphin Project, Monteum Ltd, Sussex IFCA, Coastal Partners, Surfers Against Sewage, Seal Bay, Woodger Trust, Cefas, Chichester Harbour Conservancy, the Universities of Southampton, Brighton and Portsmouth, Southsea SAC, Mulberry-ME, Manhood Wildlife & Heritage Group, West Sussex County Council, Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council, Chichester District Council, Chichester Canal Trust, and Manhood Peninsula Partnership. Apologies to anyone not mentioned here.

The presentations from the events can be found in the links below:

1_Introduction and Welcome: Jane Cunningham, Chichester District Council / Manhood Peninsula Partnership

2_CHASM: the story so far Physical observations and changes: Dr Charlie Thompson, Channel Coast Observatory / University of Southampton

3_Medmerry and Pagham, Sediment cycles – the links between land and sea: Dr Heidi Burgess, University of Brighton

4_Sex and behaviour changing marine pollutants: Prof Alex Ford, University of Portsmouth

5_CHASM diving: Martin Davies, Southsea SAC

6_Back to the future - Towards a more natural Selsey Coast and what this might mean for underwater: Dr Uwe Dornbusch, Environment Agency

7_Sussex IFCA: Tim Dapling, Sussex IFCA

8_Sussex Seasearch: Sarah Ward, Sussex Wildlife Trust



CHASM at Selsey Town Hall

Photographs of the CHASM event in Selsey Town Hall. Photographs by Alison Mayor and Hachem Kassem  Continue Reading »

CHASM on the Solar Boat

The Solar Boat is run by Chichester Harbour Conservancy. We had the most fantastic day for hands on learning about how marine specialists go about their work.  Continue Reading »

Posters and banners

To keep people interested during coffee and lunch breaks we made sure there were posters and banners talking more about the project, and our friends and partners. The web page doesn't do small pictures unfortunately, but you can see everything by clicking on the links below: Banners talking about the aims and partners of the project Flyer - a... Continue Reading »


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