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Climate Change

Climate Change

The peninsula is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change including rising sea levels, rising water table, and more intense precipitation. As a result, the MPP has been working closely with the community to raise levels of awareness and to help produce adaptation plans. These include:

  • practical adaptations funded through a Community Grant Fund including the installation of cycle racks at East Wittering School; the provision of water butts and compost bins for community gardens in Selsey and the Birdham and Witterings scout group; the provision of phenology training to local conservation groups. Phenology is the study of periodic plant and animal cycles such as flowering and migration, in response to seasonal climatic changes.
  • helping to secure funding for the installation of a rainwater harvesting system for toilets at Birdham School.
  • support for the establishment of two arterial cycle paths in the Manhood and support for the development of further cycle paths and bridle way provision.
  • working with the community and the Environment Agency to ensure that coastal adaptation strategies will benefit the community socially, economically and environmentally in the long-term.
  • working with local wildlife groups to help conserve and enhance local environment and habitats.

Many projects have been delivered such as the Chichester Coastal Change Pathfinder Project, which tackled climate change awareness and tourism; the Coastal Community Team projects; or  the Green Links across the Manhood Peninsula (GLaM) Project.

To find out more about climate change explore the Environment Links section of our website.