'Towards ICZM'

An Integrated Coastal Zone Management plan for the Manhood Peninsula area called 'Towards ICZM on the Manhood Peninsula' was adopted as capable of becoming a material consideration in planning decisions by Chichester District Council at a Full Council meeting on 20th September 2011. 'Towards ICZM' was recognised as an MPP document that reflects the views and aspirations of the community.

Please see the link below to view the final document:

Towards ICZM on the Manhood Peninsula (PDF 3.3 Mb)

If you are having difficulty downloading the whole document at once, please try downloading it in 2 parts:

Towards ICZM Part 1 (1.6 Mb) - Chapters 1 - 6. Introduction and explanation.

Towards ICZM Part 2  (1.7Mb) - Chapters 7 - 12. Objectives and Action Plan.

The Manhood Peninsula Partnership has long been concerned with spatial planning on the peninsula. We recognise the positive attributes of the Peninsula that make it such an attractive place to live, holiday, start up businesses and grow food. In spite of these considerable assets the Manhood is also a fragile environment in need of an Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) plan to ensure it has a sustainable future.

To this end we have used part of the Defra funding from the Coastal Change project to produce 'Towards ICZM on the Manhood Peninsula'. The aim is to provide a summary of all that we have learned from research and consultation over the last ten years.

Information has been compiled from a variety of sources including county, district, parish and third sector documents. These include Village Design Statements, Conservation Area Character Appraisals, the reports from both Going Dutch workshops, and plans affecting the shoreline in the form of Shoreline Management Plans and Coastal Defence Strategies.

Many villages and settlement areas are represented in the document and although the intention is not to supersede the Village Design Statements and similar, we need to ensure that the information supplied is complementary and provides a view across the entire peninsula.

This is a timely opportunity to influence planning policy proposals such as the forthcoming Local Development Framework, and ‘Coastal Change Management Areas’ (CCMAs), where development is controlled proportionate to the risk from coastal erosion, landslip, and other physical change. It is hoped Towards ICZM will help achieve this.

About Towards ICZM on the Manhood Peninsula:

· The ICZM stream of the Coastal Change Pathfinder Project discussed and edited the content of 'Towards ICZM'. The group held discussions about the document every six weeks from the start of the project and represent the following parties with local interests:

West Wittering Parish Council; Selsey Town Council; local tourist operators; local businesses; MPP project leaders; Chichester District Council; West Sussex County Council; Environment Agency; Natural England.

· Towards ICZM is compiled from documents on which extensive consultation has been conducted previously.

· It does not supercede Village Design Statements and other similar documents.

· It is not intended to promote the idea that ‘one size fits all’ but tries to identify common problems, while acknowledging that there are different issues in different parts of the peninsula.

· It does not refer to saved policies from the Local Plan as seen in most Village Design Statements, because it is likely to feed into the forthcoming Local Plan.

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

The intial step in exploring ICZM within the Coastal Change Pathfinder Project involved developing a working partnership between residents, employers, coastal users and local government. The objective was to achieve sustainability in the face of climate change and consequent coastal change. The following approaches were pursued: · Establishment of an ICZM group comprised of MPP members, local businesses, marine user... Read More»

ICZM Workshop 2011

ICZM Workshop 2011

The Towards ICZM Workshop held on 6th April 2011 run by CoastNet, one of the partner organisations on the Chichester Coastal Change Pathfinder Project, was an effective vehicle for exploring issues on the Manhood Peninsula . Approximately 55 people with a variety of backgrounds and interests attended. Among them were representatives from Chichester District Council; local parish councils; local... Read More»

Going Dutch

Going Dutch

The first Going Dutch workshop (Going Dutch I) led to the formation of the MPP and outlined several ‘blue sky’ options for the future of the area, helping the community to understand the complexities and costs of coastal defence and spatial planning as well as helping local authorities and agencies appreciate the concerns and... Read More»