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UK Marine Science Strategy

UK Marine Science Strategy

The UK Marine Science Strategy was launched on 3rd February 2010. The Strategy sets out a framework for shaping, supporting, co-ordinating and enabling the delivery of world class marine science for the UK.

It is the first UK Marine Science Strategy to be produced, and its development was a key recommendation of the House of Commons Select Committee report, Investigating the Oceans.

Our impacts on the marine environment, combined with climate change, threaten our oceans and seas. Scientists predict that increases in sea level could directly affect the 17 million people in the UK living within 10km of the sea, as well as important national infrastructure.

We need to understand these changes to be able to respond to them; marine science is the key to doing so.

The Strategy was introduced in a speech by Huw Irranca-Davies, Environment Minister. He talked about the first UK framework for shaping, supporting and delivering world-class marine science.

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