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Policy Statements - Climate Change

Policy Statements - Climate Change
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The government has launched consultations for new Planning Policy Statements (PPS) on climate change and the natural environment along with new policy guidance on coastal change.

The proposed climate change planning policy includes requirements to reduce the need for people to travel between where they live and work. The installation of electric car charging points is encouraged, supported by better public transport and improved walking and cycling links.

The draft Natural Environment planning policy, provides councils with updated guidance to plan for and provide for ‘green infrastructure’.

Under the new coastal change policy all inappropriate development such as housing will continue to be banned in areas vulnerable to coastal erosion but there will no longer be a blanket ban on temporary development that has wider economic benefits, an acceptable coastal use and could be relocated when required.

The new policy supplements PPS25 and replaces the policy on managing the impacts of coastal erosion to development set out in Planning Policy Guidance 20.

Also released in March is the Shaping Our Futures report, the first in a series of initiatives between government and the third sector. It focuses on the development of the wider third sector’s role in climate change mitigation, which includes encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint.

Links to the new documents mentioned here can be found below:

Consultation on a Planning Policy Statement: Planning for a Low Carbon Future in a Changing Climate

Consultation paper on a new Planning Policy Statement: Planning for a Natural and Healthy Environment

Planning Policy Statement 25 Supplement: Development and Coastal Change

Shaping Our Future: The joint ministerial and third sector Task Force on climate change, the environment and sustainable development