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South of Chichester, one enters Stockbridge, the modern residential area of the parish, its name echoing the ancient Hundred with its meeting place by a wooden bridge over a stream, replaced nowadays by church hall, Selsey Tram pub and row of local shops. For residents, employment and major facilities mean travel into the City and to the big coastal centres.

Beyond lies the village of Donnington itself with church, earlier period residences , Blacksmith’s Arms pub and farms where the high-grade agricultural land is intensively farmed by seasonal workers. From here one can enjoy the well-loved views across to the Cathedral and South Downs for which the area is renowned and walk the canal tow-path with its abundance of wild-life connecting the whole parish to both City and harbour.

While grid-locked traffic typifies local roads, residents remain alert to yet more major developments threatening the open countryside and rich variety of environment - the overwhelming attractions which drew many to choose this semi-rural parish.