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Sussex Biodiversity Partnership

Sussex Biodiversity Partnership

Sussex Biodiversity Partnership contains representatives from a range of organisations including conservation bodies, statutory agencies and local government. The aim of the Sussex Biodiversity Partnership is to conserve and enhance the biological diversity of Sussex, contributing to international biodiversity objectives and enhancing quality of life in the county.

Sussex has a wide range of habitats including flower-rich meadows, ancient wooded valleys, coastal sand dunes and shingle. Many of these habitats have declined in area and quality over the past 100 years, leading to the writing of the Sussex Biodiversity Action Plan.

sussex-biodiversity-partnershipBiodiversity Opportunity Areas (BOAs) represent the targeted landscape-scale approach to conserving biodiversity in Sussex. Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) targets will be linked to BOAs wherever possible, increasing effectiveness of work and making reporting easier.

Please try the website to find out more about the species and landscapes of interest to the Sussex Biodiversity Partnership.