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South East Fish Campaign

South East Fish Campaign
Photo Copyright Robert Roberts

The South East Food Group are currently piloting 'tags' on pot-caught lobsters and line-caught sea bass with a small selection of fishing boats along the south coast at Selsey, Isle of Wight, Newhaven, Rye and Gosport. The South East Seafood tagging scheme is fully operating for Sea Bass, and the end of June will see the start of tagging for Selsey lobster and Hastings Dover sole. The sole will not be tagged individually, but the boxes they come in will have a special tag and reference number.

The fishermen participating in the scheme can be found on the South East Food Group website under Meet the Fishermen, and visitors can find out more about the crew, boat, areas where they fish and who the fishermen sells to. Wholesalers will receive promotional leaflets and posters to support the sales of the tagged species.

In addition, a campaign to promote local fishermen and fishmongers across the South East was recently helped along by celebrity chef Tom Aikens by calling on shoppers to ask for the local catch of the day.

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