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Drainage Strategy Framework

Drainage Strategy Framework

The Drainage Strategy Framework is a joint Environment Agency and Ofwat document that sets out a framework for water and sewerage companies to prepare drainage strategies.

A reliable sewerage network is a vital part of our national infrastructure. It is crucial for communities, the environment and the economy. A 2011 report for Ofwat showed that the impacts of climate change and the growth of urban areas could lead to a 50% increase in sewer flows by 2040 if no action is taken. This would mean increased pollution and flooding.

In the Water White Paper, the government said that it “will work with Ofwat and the Environment Agency to ensure a more strategic approach to drainage planning”. Subsequently the Environment Agency worked with Ofwat to develop a framework for water and sewerage companies to use in planning strategies for their drainage systems. The report outlining this framework has now been published.

Follow this link to the Environment Agency website for more information, and to download the Drainage Strategy Framework.