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Energy and Efficiency

Energy and Efficiency

The Energy Act has become law setting in stone the legal framework for the Green Deal, which will be launched in Autumn next year.

The Green Deal will revolutionise the energy efficiency of the nation’s homes and businesses. It will help people insulate against rising energy prices, creating homes which are warmer and cheaper to run.

Find out more about how the Green Deal and the Energy Act can help you by reading the Department of Energy & Climate Change website.

I addition, the government, consumer groups, energy suppliers, and industry regulator Ofgem have agreed a range of measures to help consumers save money on their gas and electricity bills, and discussed policy developments aimed at keeping household energy bills down. Discussions revolved round topics such as improving insulation and switching energy suppliers:

  • Check, switch and insulate to save
  • Winter call to action
  • Better billing
  • Warmer homes
  • Smarter switching

For more information that might make a difference to energy cost and consumption  in your home visit the following websites: