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Selsey is a seaside town about seven miles (11 km) south of Chichester and lying at the southernmost point of the Manhood Peninsula. It is bounded to the west by Bracklesham Bay, to the north by Broad Rife (rife being the local word for stream or creek), to the east by Pagham Harbour and terminates in the south at Selsey Bill.

Erosion and flooding are important considerations in Selsey. Local opinions are given a voice by Save Our Selsey a group dedicated to raising local awareness of the issues.

In 1897 Selsey was connected to Chichester by a light railway known as the Selsey Tram, which probably helped the village expand during the time it operated. There is much to tell about village history and the Selsey Society can help you discover more.

Selsey has a close association with the sea, making it historically important for fisherman and others using the sea and its margins. A reflection of this is one of the most iconic images of the area, the lifeboat station. This has a history reaching back to 1861 that can be explored in the museum attached to the lifeboat station.

Selsey hosts many events and activities throughout the year. The Selsey Town Council website can tell you more about Selsey town, while  Visit Selsey is the tourist website for the area.

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Selsey Coastal Trust

Selsey Coastal Trust

Selsey Coastal Trust is a working project, which is looking at how Selsey’s community can shape the long-term future of the town. During the initial phases of the project (Dec 2009 –April 2011), members of the Trust were able to test the feasibility of their ideas as part of the DEFRA funded Chichester Coastal Change Pathfinder project, hosted by Chichester... Continue Reading »