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Move over sky-scrapers, now we have water-scrapers. Power is generated in this self contained underwater city using wave, wind and solar power. The city also produces its own food using farming, aquaculture and hydroponic techniques. So what keeps the water-scraper upright? It uses a system of ballasts that are aided by squid-like tentacles which also help generate kinetic energy to provide power for the building. Places for inhabitation and work are at the lower levels of this city, and a small forest on the surface of the structure turns it a shade greener while providing space for recreation and leisure .

The underwater sky-scraper was designed by Sarly Adre Bin Sarkum earning him a special mention in the Evolvo architecture design competition. Should global warming live up to expectations, there may be possibilities for this concept that turns the idea of a sky-scraper on its head - literally.

For more information about the water-scraper try the Evolvo website

water-skyscraper tentacles