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UK National Ecosystem Assessment

UK National Ecosystem Assessment

The hidden value of the natural environment has been shown for the first time in a new independent report revealing that nature is worth billions of pounds to the UK economy.  The report, UK National Ecosystem Assessment (UK NEA), has used new approaches to estimate the value of the natural world by taking account of the economic, health and social benefits we get from nature.

At one time it was thought that caring for the environment meant extra financial burdens, however the UK NEA shows that looking after nature offers a number of economic benefits, but also contributes to our health well being. The report also tries to show that the enjoyment of nature has not always been fully appreciated or valued.

Examples that apply to the Manhood Peninsula include:

• The benefits that inland wetlands bring to water quality are worth up to £1.5billion per year to the UK;

• Pollinators are worth £430million per year to British agriculture;

• The amenity benefits of living close to rivers, coasts and other wetlands is worth up to £1.3billion per year to the UK;

• The health benefits of living with a view of a green space are worth up to £300 per person per year.

The full report can be downloaded HERE

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