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The Boat Project

The Boat Project

The Boat Project is using the latest yacht building methods to turn wooden objects donated by people from across the South East into a 30 foot day sailing boat, a seaworthy archive of stories and memories. People are being invited to contribute wooden items with a history to the project to help with material for building the boat. The base for The Boat Project is Unit 2 at Thornham Marina, in the Chichester Harbour area near the town of Emsworth.

The shed, Unit 2, is open 1pm - 7pm on Saturdays from 14 May - 30th July. A warm welcome will be given to anyone who would like to drop in and give them a donation, or who'd like to work on the boat or who's simply interested to come along and have a look at what is going on.

The Boat Project has a website on which a webcam is up and running so you can log on and see the most recent developments from the comfort of your own home!

Take a closer look at the Boat Project website HERE