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Selsey Festival 2016

Selsey Festival 2016

The annual Selsey Festival is taking place over a three week Festival period from 5 - 29 Aug 2016. The event features loads of events such as shows, talks, fetes, arts and photography exhibitions, sport, demonstrations, and bazaars.

East Beach Weekend starts on the evening of  Fri 19 August when Screen On The Green presents showings of popular films such as  Mama Mia and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Films are being shown on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. Some of the showings are free so check what is happening what's happening when on the Selsey Festival website.

The Sea & Salad Fair is back on Sunday afternoon. Celebrate the produce and crafts of the Manhood Peninsula. Featuring lots of fun activities, good food, local artisans and voluntary groups, the Sea and Salad fair is a great place to enjoy everything that makes the Manhood Peninsula unique.

The weekend culminates with the Selsey Carnival. Mardi Gras is the theme for this years carnival, so get ready to bring a bit of party spirit to the occasion. With a shorter walking route as well this year, the Selsey Festival Committee are planning their biggest ever carnival.

Follow this link to find out more about the fun and events taking place during the Selsey Festival 2016