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Power for the People

Power for the People

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has launched the first stage of the Government’s plans to help communities become more self-sufficient in the way they use heat and power.

The vision for local energy economies involves empower communities to generate their own electricity on large and small scales, thus reducing fuel bills and perhaps generating an income.  

Greg Barker said:  “I want to see more homes, communities and businesses generating their own energy. We can literally bring power back to the people."

“By becoming more self sufficient we can create sustainable local energy economies. People and communities can save money on their fuel bills at the same time as generating an income and cutting carbon. I want to work with industry to overcome the challenges it is facing. Together we will create a marketplace for jobs and prosperity alongside products and advice which people trust.”

To find out more about the vision for local energy economies please see the Department of Energy and Climate Change website.