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Leave some holly for wildlife

Leave some holly for wildlife

The RSPB are asking people to take care when decking the halls this winter, and leave some holly for the wildife that need these prickly bushes for food and protection.

Richard James, from the RSPB’s wildlife enquiries team, said: “You can’t beat a bit of holly around the house to make you feel all Christmassy, but as well as it being a pretty plant, holly also plays a very important part in the lives of wildlife at this time of year.

“Taking the odd branch here and there will do no harm at all, but don’t take too much. Removing all the berries or cutting the bush back too much will mean birds and other animals that rely on the plant for food and shelter will be left without. And it could also damage the plant in the long-term too, meaning you won’t have any holly to jolly up your home next year.”

See the RSPB website for some Festive Facts About Holly.